Biology unit 2 revision gcse

This only happenings in solutions and unit gases.
I) Some microorganisms produce enzymes that pass out of unit the cells.
D yeast is a unit single-celled organism.
D) Light, temperature biology and the availability of carbon dioxide interact and in practice any one of them may be biology the factor that limits photosynthesis.
Blood flowing revision through the muscles removes the lactic acid.B biology plant and algal cells also have a cell wall unit made of cellulose, which strengthens the cell.Starch is insoluble - i doesnt dissolve.Chromosomes and alleles There are 46 chromosomes in human body cells.Diabetes can be treated by following a low glucose diet or by injecting with exactly the right dose of insulin.

High gita temperatures change the shape.
G) During exercise a number of changes take place: the heart rate increases the rate and depth of breathing increases.
Diffusion is the spreading out of particles from an area of high concentration to shippuden an area of low concentration.
J) In industry, enzymes are used to bring about reactions at normal temperatures and pressures that would otherwise require expensive, energy-demanding equipment.
If the farmer keeps everything just right then the plants grow faster.Greenhouses are made out of glass so guru they let a lot of loght through.Oxygen, glucose and amino acids.To study the distribution of an organism you can use quadrats or transects.If you continue to use this site we will gita assume that you are happy with.DNA Is a molecule, containing coded information that determines inherited characteristics.Making cell walls, glucose is made into cellulose.Mean is total number (49) divided by gita number of quadrates (7) which is 7 daises per quadrat.Dominant alleles and recessive alleles.The products of photosynthesis The glucose produced dubbed can be used in gcse respiration to release energy.Anaerobic respirationresults in an oxygen debt that has to be repaid in order to oxidise lactic acid to carbon dioxide and water.I) Each person (apart from identical twins) has unique DNA.Decomposition Useful materials like carbon and nitrogen are removed from the environment from living things.AA/ aa (think homosexual- the same sex) Heterozygous different alleles.g.They can not make enough insulin and so the concentration of glucose in their blood may become dangerously high- hypos may occur.