Camtasia studio 7 vs 8

Fixed an issue that camtasia would cause premature ending of clips when using the split at markers camtasia option and producing to the FLV studio file camtasia format.
Added links in the Help file to related PDF documents hosted.
Fixed an issue that would cause produced file sizes to be larger in version 7 than they were studio in previous versions when using the MP4 file format.Fixed an issue that would cause a Produce Selection.Fixed camtasia an issue with shorter duration studio recordings with the same name that could cause a corrupt.camproj file.Fixed an issue that could cause productions to fail before completion or cause Camtasia Studio to crash during production.

Fixed an plugins issue that customary would cause practice a Resource Allocation Failed message.
Fixed an firewall issue that could cause the audio playback to not properly show the correct timeline information from the Voice Narration view.
Action to not have correct Table of Contents locations in plugins the produced studio video.Camtasia Studio: Fixed an issue with the background color selected during production not showing up properly in the produced output.Fixed plugins an issue that would cause an Error: "The procedure entry pointCamSetAudioLoopback could not be located message during installation.Camtasia Recorder: Fixed an issue that would cause the incorrect help topic to be displayed for the hotkeys and program camtasia options in the Tools window.Updated the Get help with Camtasia Studio 7 help page.Fixed an issue that would cause the cursor to be out of sync with the video when using the Clip Speed effect.

Fixed an issue that would cause projects with many callouts to fail during production.
What's New in This Release: General: Fixed an issue that would cause the silent uninstall option to hang at camtasia studio 7 vs 8 the point of uninstalling the Library.