Cmd prompt windows 8 tricks

Close tricks windows any running application, the number of applications running in tricks the taskbar and on the background can be seen in CMD in plain text list, and you can close any application using his image name.
Find the WiFi password of any saved network.
If you have basic knowledge windows of typing commands in CMD, so the tips, tricks and hacks given below are for you.
Did you find this article helpful?Create Wi-Fi hotspot right from the command prompt.If some files are missing or corrupted, this command fixes them.Now open the Command Prompt with administrative privileges tricks and enter the following command: netsh wlan set hostednetwork modeallow ssidYouthotspotname keyyourpassword.Use Netstat Commands To Monitor Network On Windows Using windows CMD.Command tricks Prompt (CMD) utility in Microsoft Windows, but it is very useful windows if you know how to use the command.Right-click on the CMD title bar and select Properties, go to Color / Font / Layout tabs and personalize your command prompt window.

You can save the command crack output.TXT file to any location. .
The black window, the color of the text, and the simple font style look boring, why do not you roth customize your command prompt window.
If you want to set it lock for all users, just add /M switch: setx prompt your-prompt-format /M, it will create a prompt key in the registry hive windows ManagerEnvironment.
Here, we are going to tell you about such interesting Command Prompt tricks.
Find License Windows Key Using CMD.Check folder Battery Capacity And Battery Health Report In Windows Using CMD.To do this, go to the Start windows menu and type cmd in the search.Shut down the PC, you can turn off Windows PC by command prompt, type shutdown /s /t 00 to shut down immediately.Advanced system settings, Environment variables and create new user or system variable named prompt with value set to whatever you want your prompt to look like.How to use Command Prompt in Windows?At least, you have to close and restart the application (console to read the new or changed environment variable.I have pass123 the default password of the shared code and the name of the folder is private.It's not stored permanently.Setx command : setx prompt your-prompt-format It will do the same as previous method - create a prompt key in the registry hive hkey_current_userenvironment.There, serial click on the connection you are using and click on Properties.Fix Do you want to scan and fix Removable Disk Error In Windows.If you have learned about DOS commands from any book, or online, then you may know about MS-DOS commands, if you want to know about all DOS commands, then you try this Wikipedia article, or use the help command in CMD.

Note : it's possible that you will have to reboot your system (or possibly just sign out cmd prompt windows 8 tricks and in) for the changes to take effect.
You can see it with pictures in this article.