Eminem feat kendrick lamar love game

Scenario, though in kendrick the first feat place.
She screamed she loves me like she never did before.
Guess I'm gettin' my g-god dang Jigga on, eh?The love thought's scary, feat yo, though and it hurtsbrace!'Sherane is not available now leave kendrick a love message at the tone.So I give her the benefit of the doubt,.Would you give fellatio in the carpool?And, Kendrick, don't forget to buy two pair of those Expensive heels, ya little fuckin' ferris wheel, Fuckin' spinnin' on me, fuck ya think we're gonna get married still?

But you patch confirmed my low-end theory though.
And I told her: go where you edition wanna go, go do what cha wanna, I don't care.
Bridge: Sample, love, love, love, love, l-l, l-l-l-love.
She hates my company, yeah she don't love me no more.
Cause your name, I'm beyond sayin' But fuck it, I'm movin' on, you women are all cray But I'll probably always keep on playin' the Bridge: Wayne Fontana Game of love, love, love, love La-la-la-la-la love Chorus: Kendrick Lamar She doesn't love me, no, she.You're late, well, reverb the sentiment's great, But, wait!" Verse 2: multimedia Kendrick Lamar I told that bitch, "I'm a sucker for love, you a sucker for dick." Suckin' dick in your mama tub, then your granny walked in Told the stupid nigga to duck under the water He drowned, like an abortion They.'Cause your name I'm beyond sayin But fuck it, I'm movin' on, you women are all cray.Cause after all, this is her place.Should've known when I made it all the way to third external base.Simple misunderstandin' but just as I went to slam on the brakes, that's when I realized that she may be crazy.Snatch that bitch out her car through the window, keygen she's screamin I body slam her on the cement until the concrete gave And created a sink keys hole, buried the stink hoe in it, then paid to have the street repaved.And I told her go where you want.Fucking Mary had a little lamb, this ain't no fairy strategy tale, Fairy god mama better tell you how I fuckin' feel, Like you should fuckin' beat it or fuckin' eat it while I'm on my period, Now have a blessed day.' Bitch, you serious?Left my girl in the house alone.And the further I walk, the louder.

Guess, I eventually caved though, cause she's layin' next to me in bed Directly aimin' a gat at eminem feat kendrick lamar love game my head.
Think, there's been a mistake: You wanted an intimate date, I wanna intimidate.