Game 3d judo fighting

game 3d judo fighting

Da jeder Judoka seinen eigenen Kampfstil hat, müssen Sie fighting sich auf jeden Gegner neu einstellen und die richtigen Mittel zum Sieg wählen.
The main point of this martial art is either fighting to throw or judo takedown an opponent to the ground, immobilize or otherwise subdue an opponent with a pin, or force an opponent to submit with a joint lock or a choke.
Unlock new interesting fighters and game customize them as you wish!Unleash your inner fury and become the real champion of Judo Fighting Tiger 3D!Judo Fighting Tiger 3D features: Amazing judo fighting fighting game, wide range of different fighters to play for.3D Judo Fighting In vier unterschiedlichen Einzelspieler-Modi treten Sie gegen über 20 fighting Judo-Kämpfer an: Training, Kampf, fighting Turnier und Karriere.

Enjoy realistic 3D graphics, enjoy Judo Fighting external Tiger 3D game external being one of the taxes most interesting fighter in the world a monday judoka!
The game refinance simulates the judo sport and uses the most current judo rules.
This game is your chance to feel like indo a dexterous Japanese warrior fighting with the other powerful athletes!
Ever heard about judo fighting?Perform all the tricks of this amazing martial arts, challenge the most powerful rivals ever and just become the best of this ultimate Judo Fighting Tiger 3D game!Each Judoka has its own strengths and weaknesses (technique, strength, reflexes, endurance).Bevor Sie kämpfen, sollten Sie die Tutorials aufmerksam studieren, da Sie dort die Grundlagen edition für eine erfolgreiche Karriere legen können.Features: Completely in 3D, Over 20 different judo-fighters with different qualities and fight-style, 10 different judo dojo, 5 different referees, 4 game modes training, strategy fight, tournament, career Simple gameplay (keyboard or joystick Multiplayermodes up to 20 players on a PC, Detailed tutorial explains all throw-techniques.