Seikon no qwaser season 2 episode 3 sub indo

However, the qwaser continuation of episode the indo series (Seikon No Qwaser II) follows Sasha and indo Hana as indo they search for the Magdalena of Thunder, supposedly inactive and hiding within a girl at the Roman Curia Surei Academy.
The idea is season promising.Until the episodes following the sixth just begin to drag.
Character : Not much development, if very minimal.
In the first six episodes, Sasha is dressed as a woman in an all girls school where the technology to expand and focus your mind has been used as a way to bait girls of various backgrounds seikon to attend the Academy.This is where the show really began to nose dive into a downward spiral - and frankly, suicide!The first season of Seikon No Qwaser started out great and ended with a decent cliffhanger.Most of the action and deepening of the plot took place within the last 24 minutes of the series, leaving yet another cliffhanger at the end.Aside from the goofy and unnecessary fan-service of the show, there were hardly any slots open for serious character interaction.Yes, it is true.ART : The art of the show was the same as the previous season's.And not in the good way, either.Seikon No Qwaser II ended up becoming a giant boob-sucking travesty, rather than a form of entertainment.The detail of the characters and their wardrobe has improved since season the last season, but the background is still rather average.

I rated this english a 6 enjoyment overall because the beginners story lacked any real meat, there was beginners hardly any action or development of the plot, the characters were static, and almost everything was sugar-coated with filler episodes.
Overall 6, story 5, animation 8, sound 10, character 5, enjoyment 6, this episode sequel seikon has blown me away.
Members of the Adepts start to tutorials show up to complicate matters and things begin to get heated as the presence of the Magdalena of Thunder is revealed to be inside the Academy, hidden deep beneath the flesh of a young woman.
Overall enjoyment: Not much.A few times, the author had failed to correlate speech with lip movement in minor scenes or forgot to draw a movement to a sound, but nothing too serious.The last episode was engaging and yet, it season felt somewhat rushed.You want breasts of every shape and size?Only one character from Surei Academy appears throughout the remainder of the episodes, but her appearances are primarily hellsing reserved for Ekaterina.Every now and again, a character would slightly develop or would come to a sudden realization surrounded by a clusterfuck of fan-service.You want boobies that jiggle for no reason?A little fan-service is good, yes, but it became more of a hassle to finish the series as the show very slowly progressed.If anything, the ending OP adds to what the anime is trying to define as the atmosphere of the show.A colossal amount OF FAN-service.On the contrary, "Metaphor" by Shoujo Byou, the ending theme, is my favorite from the Seikon series by far.What has developed between the main characters in the first series stays relatively stagnant throughout the production.New characters emerge from the foreground, but are eventually shouldered to the side after the recovery of the Magdalena of Thunder; this, despite the maturation of the characters.