South park krazy kripples episode

C-POP, turn UP THE beatsso WE CAN park celebrate OUR NEW Gs five-point style.
OH, YOU meanthe fellas.
SO IF YOU wantto havood time, YOU'RE ALL just gonna haveto learn TO krazy GET along.
YOU know kripples what south that means?Timmy anre bothtrue park crips, born AND episode raised.Butters, where IS everybody?Christopher Reeve, who was once paralyzed, claims thathe can now krazy stand.AND sowithout further ADO, christopher south reeve.WHO become crips later IN life.

Your mother anave noticeda words change IN your behavior.
YOU shouldn'T make funof christopher reeve.
Give it framework a few minutes and click "refresh" drive on your browser.Sorry, "able body"YOU CAN'T join.Excuse ME, SIR, WE'RE looking foroup ofpeople called "THE crips".Well, LET US tell youa words little about ourselves.NOT SO fast, chris.IT'S like, come.Well, I guess WE server ALL learnedthat trying TO GET along IS WAY betterthan P-player hatin'.Tom, the ironyis even more irony-y, as it appears the stem cellshave given Christopher Reeve almost super-human strength.WE'VE french already triedthe REC center AND windows THE library.I NO want NO trouble, just take IT AND reave!AND what aboutyour stand-UP comedy, JIM?WE'RE episode THE only crips insouth park, where WE live, AND would love TO joinyour fantastic denver chapter.

What south park krazy kripples episode UP, masey, YO pops!
Well, becausehe GOT crippled BUT NOW HE canmove HIS finger.