Transfer user logins sql server

You can manually set up copies of your logins on your new server with passwords (if you know them) or you can automate this task with the help user of either user a user T-SQL script or ssis.
Select 'sp_addlogin @loginame x' name @passwd password @encryptopt skip_encryption' char(13) 'go' from syslogins where name in test1 'test2 - include specific logins only The example script is minimalist, you can go further and include the default database and other security information.
About the author Neil Boyle is an independent SQL Server consultant working out of London, England.Now view the SIDs in rver_principals and sys.So lets imagine an example scenario user where a new login is created and it happens to be a SQL Server login, that login gets named server_login1.Facebook Twitter Linkedin Pinterest Reddit StumbleUpon Tumblr Buffer Andy Hayes is a DBA working with SQL Server since version.0.Example Lets assume we are server transferring a database between two servers.Error 15023: User already server exists in current database.In the screenshot attached, I am using the new version of ssis which server ships with SQL Server 2012.Sp_change_users_login makes educated guesses bases on user names and login names matching up, and changes the suid in the current database accordingly, so we end up with something like this: Suid Name Suid name Suid name 1 Sa 1 Dbo 1 Dbo 10 Larry.

You can then take that script, run it on your new guide SQL Server to set up the server logins there.
There is a procedure that you can run in order to do this and it basically takes the server login xenapp and database login and marries them up by name with the same SID.
The script will set up the logins on your new server in using the default language configured administration for that server so make sure that is configured correctly first.
The SID can be viewed by querying the rver_principals system view internet or you can also view it by looking at slogins.
With any server migration, ideally you want things to run smoothly and re-creating SQL Server logins and passwords from scratch is not something you really want to or should be doing.There is a transfer logins task cross within ssis which will also do the job.Declare @tmpstr varchar hacking (1024 declare @is_policy_checked varchar (3 declare @is_expiration_checked varchar (3) declare @defaultdb sysname IF login_name IS null) declare login_curs cursor FOR select d, me,.type, _disabled, fault_database_name,.hasaccess, nylogin from rver_principals p left join slogins l ON ( me me ) where.type.Select sid, fROM rver_principals, where name 'server_login1 uSE AdventureWorks2012.Upgrading between versions of SQL server Between versions.5 and 7, Microsoft altered the algorithm for encrypting passwords.Transferring passwords to a new server Using cross sp_addlogin to transfer passwords One little known feature in SQL enables you to port a password user from one server to another without you actually knowing what the password is!You can create connections from this task, enter the login details for your source and destination, choose which logins to copy and you can configure the task to behave in different ways when the login exists.