Zer0 skill tree calculator

Grim 2 5 Kill Skill.
Use it to get the drop on your foes, to escape battles completely, or simply to hear Zer0's amazing haikus.
F0ll0wthr0ugh 3 5 Kill Skill.
Has a range of 3 meters.
Precisi0n 2 5 5 Accuracy per level.Many Must Fall 6 tree 1 Killing an enemy with a Melee Attack skill during Decepti0n deploys an additional holographic decoy and extends the duration of Decepti0n instead skill of ending.While Decepti0n is active and a target is under your crosshairs, melee to dash forward a short distance and perform a special melee attack, dealing calculator massive damage.Shots pierce through enemies, gaining 100 damage per enemy pierced.Zer0 has 3 Skill Trees: Sniping, Cunning, and, bloodshed.Like tree The Wind 5 5 3 Gun tree and Melee Damage per level when moving.Edit: Updated download link.Fearless 2 5 5 Fire calculator Rate and 3 Gun skill Damage per level when your shield is depleted.

Damage increases per level.
Unf0rseen, your holographic decoy explodes when you become visible again, causing shock damage to nearby serial enemies.
Tw0 Fang 5 5 Every iseries time you fire you have a 6 chance per level to fire twice.
Skill, tier, levels Effect Fast Hands 1 5 5 Reload Speed and 10 Weapon Swap Speed per level.Zer0's Borderlands 2 client Skill Tree.Note 4: In the zip folder there are 2 folders.0ne Sh0t 0ne Kill 3 5, the first shot from a fully loaded magazine deals 12 Damage per level.The other folder includes the entire project, including all source code.Ir0n Hand 1 5 3 Melee Damage and Maximum Health per level.Faster weapons can gain inner stacks more quickly, but slower weapons retain stacks for a longer period of time.Gain massive gun, melee, and critical hit damage the longer your are in Decepti0n.This bonus can stack peace up to 5 times.I have updated the offline skill tree calculator for the current iteration of the.1.0 passive skill tree.I understand guitar people's reluctance to download these types of things, so I have included the source.Bloodshed This tree focuses on melee game attacks.Execute 3 1 Melee Override Skill.At 0ne with the Gun 5 5 25 Hip-Shot accuracy, 10 Reload Speed, and 1 Magazine Size with Sniper Rifles per level.